Just out walking our dogs with friends

About us

We are a family of four that live 10 minutes outside Bergen(Norway) 

We have 4 japanese spitz and 1 shetland sheepdog who share a hous with us and our cat.

I cant leave out Ronja(she dont like dogs by the way, so she wisly keep her distance).  

We got our first japanese spitz in 1997 La-Min-So's Quattro, a 7 year old male who needed a new home. So we do have a little experience with the breed i will think. After showing him some times we found out that this is fun and we keep on going still.

In 2000 we got our first female Tinka, here we have lernt a lot from. She's been steady as a rock and a werry good dominant female who we all loved. She helped with dogs who had som problems in theyr maturations because of her steady temper. 

Tinka and Quattro is Angel's parents, read more about her on her page.